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Here are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding hiring the band.


What are your wedding fees?

The Blues Maneuver band is one of the most affordable professional wedding bands in the region, with fees generally under $2,500 for a seven-piece band playing a standard four-hour reception.


What are your fees for other types of parties and events?

Our rates start at $100 per man, so the baseline fee is just $700. Prime summer Saturday nights will cost more, but Friday nights and Sundays are good days for Blues Maneuver bargain-hunters.


Do you take special requests for weddings?

Gladly. The fee we quote includes a couple of special requests — for your first dance and bride-father dance, for example.


Does the band travel for events out of the Catskill region?

Sure, although additional fees may apply. We’ve played dates in NYC and have gone as far as North Carolina to play a wedding.


What equipment does the band provide?

We bring everything we need, including top-quality sound gear and a simple four-can light bar.


What do we need to provide?

A space approximately 20 feet wide by 10 feet deep with a grounded electrical outlet or two nearby. If it is an outdoor event, we need protection from the weather, both overhead and underfoot (wet ground leads to shocks). We also need reasonable access to the stage area to unload our gear.


How can we reserve a date?

Contact us at We use a very simple, one-page contract to seal the deal. We generally require a deposit for weddings but not for most other gigs.